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    New sport enters Nigeria

    Whether you have heard of Teqball or not, it seems to be here to stay. This 6-year-old, toddler of a sport is alive, healthy and invading new territories, even here in Africa. Teqball was invented (Started? Or… kicked off? Noooo? Too punny?) launched in Hungary by three football enthusiasts: Gábor Borsányi, Gyuri Gattyán, and Viktor Huszár. A former football player, a Hungarian businessman, and a computer scientist. Respectively. More

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    Netflix now showcasing African books

    Are you looking for a new bed time “African/ Black American children’s books”? Netflix has the answers on their new show: Bookmark. In this post we will give you the titles and links to all the books showcased in Bookmark. This highly-recommended series is fully loaded with celebrities that you will probably recognised! More

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    Three unsung African Queens

    Do you know much about African music? Africa has a lot of races, languages, and a rich assortment of cultures. Every Sunday, this blog gives you “Three Unsung African Queens”. This week I found some uniquely executed music videos, from multiple genres. My hope is these tracks will show you how diverse, and majestic the African continent can be. From Egypt, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Gambia, and Zambia… I can’t wait to explore more countries with each passing week. Let’s do this! More

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    Fun with African flags

    It’s that time of the week again! Every Saturday (God allowing) I bring you a weekly blog article that has nothing to do with Sheldon Cooper. It’s a Visually African weekly meal I call “Fun with African flags”. Get your plates ready as I prepare to dish out ten brand new “African” flags that are (hopefully) an upgrade to the European Union’s flag. Who is ready for a new European Union flag design? I know Britain is… or not More

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    A free-to-watch American funded, Zimbabwean movie!

    Grab your popcorn! USAID has funded the making of a Zimbabwean movie that you can watch for free. For more than 30 years, the American people, through USAID, have invested over three billion dollars in Zimbabwe. Current projects include initiatives to increase food security, support economic resilience, improve health systems and services, and advance a more democratic system of governance. In addition to all that, they made it possible for us to have this movie. Now… let’s pop that corn! More

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