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Do you remember Amakipkip?

Remember Amakipkip? Of course, you do... Contrary to popular belief, the South African street/urban clothing giant - Amakipkip, is still around. Founded by Nkosana...

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The battle over Mbuya Nehanda’s (Charwe) likeness

When it comes to the narration and ownership of African stories and African narratives. There is a very silent cold war happening. For instance,...

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How to mix together Africa and Japan!

Hello Africa and Japan! Back in 2018 one of Kenya's hottest boy bands - Sauti Sol, said, "We've done all there is to do..."...

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2021, meet Awa Khiwe!

Am I the only one who is constantly keeping a mental list of the Best female rappers I stumble upon? Seeing that this is...

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Fun with African flags

Like Doctor Sheldon Cooper, very few things surprise me... lol. Ok, I've been surprised every day of 2020. Who knew COVID was gonna happen....

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