In short, this is an inspirational blog about global things that look and feel as African as I am. A neverending series of feel-good posts, images, and videos. Lots of videos! I continuously aspire to blog about content and topics from all the regions of Africa. With each daily post, I’ll be working towards my dream of becoming one of the best African bloggers in Zimbabwe. A feat only possible through the comments and love of my local, and international readers.


The African continent has a lot of unique and highly entertaining material on YouTube and other platforms. My job as a blogger is to gather up and curate as much African-looking content as possible and present the findings to you, regularly. Almost daily in the best of months. Every post I publish on this blog comes with a link to at least one video. If you don’t know where to start, try this random article here that I wrote. I love having you here, on my soon to become: most inspiring African blog. Keep the love, and comments coming.

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