How to mix together Africa and Japan!

Hello Africa and Japan! Back in 2018 one of Kenya’s hottest boy bands – Sauti Sol, said, “We’ve done all there is to do…” Such sentiments, however, have not slowed them down. The handsomely built, vocally blessed quartet have mixed Rhumba melodies with Japanese esthetics.

A marriage between Africa and Japan? Hmm… As bizarre as that combo sounds, it works beautifully! But they did not end there. Sauti Sol joined forces with Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Xenia Manasseh, Okello Max & NHP. And in this vividly-colourful video, Xenia Manasseh can be seen shaking her waist in a manner you won’t want to miss. Homegirl never disappoints in that department!

I love seeing Africa juxtaposing fashion ideas and visual concepts. And if you can read the winds of change. You’ve probably noticed that Japan-based YouTubers, and the Japanese Anime-inspired, pinkly-coloured, popping visual style is slowly taking over. Most brush it aside as a fade. But I wouldn’t be so dismissive, l mean numbers don’t lie. VTubers for instance, tend to use what we know as “virtual avatars” in their rather crude, YouTube videos. Most of them are Japan-based and one of them (Kiryu Coco) has 1.3 million subscribers. And Coco raked in an estimated ¥85 million (~$810,000) back in 2020.

As Sauti Sol’s video continues to trend in Africa and Japan. And other places too. I sit here and wonder, will we see any African content creators join in on the “virtual tubing” bandwagon? A booming digital industry that’s currently generating millions over in Japan.

Written by Visually African

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