2021, meet Awa Khiwe!

Am I the only one who is constantly keeping a mental list of the Best female rappers I stumble upon? Seeing that this is my first blog post of 2021, I would like to knock off some of my rust and write my first article. Since I’m still bloated from all the holiday cake and meat this might have to be a short one lol. As I take you to the nation where Mbira musical instruments were born and perfected.

Genres like Hip Hop and RNB (or any music or film genre really) take a slightly different shape or form whenever the said genre crosses over into other cultures. Even a mere change in language could have drastic impact on any creative genre you can think of. Which is why I choose to introduce you all to the Zimbabwean Hip Hop treasure; Awa Khiwe! She is known for rapping incredibly quickly… and with great poise, all in her native Ndebele tongue. Don’t just take my word for it, hit the play button, and be amazed.

Now that’s how you kick off the year! 2021, meet Awa Khiwe. With more than eight thousand followers on her Instagram account, the Zimbabwean rap Queen called for more followers. Specifically on her seemingly new, YouTube account. I shall keep you posted on more developments in her career (as one of Africa’s best female rappers) but in the meantime. Go and subscribe to Awa Khiwe’s YouTube channel <<< here! Oooh… and I think I forgot to start this article by shouting out, “Happy New Year guys!”

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