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Like Doctor Sheldon Cooper, very few things surprise me… lol. Ok, I’ve been surprised every day of 2020. Who knew COVID was gonna happen. The other thing that took me by surprise, was the Japanese flag. I remember seeing it as a kid, and thinking: Is that it? Where is the rest of it? Minimalism is something most of us have to grow into appreciating. Try googling the simplest flags in the world lol. Today… I’m really hoping that this weekly, Saturday blog post will help you grow. Not like the Hulk, but rather: Grow in your knowledge of African country names and their flag designs.

Unlike Japanese kids, here in Africa we mostly grow up around multi-coloured flags. Cloths adorned with all the colours of the rainbow. I mean look at Seychelles’ national flag below (Japan used to have an almost similar kinda-vibe on their flag.. almost African lol). After reminding myself about the minimalistic brilliance of the Japanese flag, I thought how can African flags be made just as simple? This week on “Fun with African flags” we are going to create minimalised versions of some African flags. All of the designs today will draw inspiration from Japan’s red and white flag. Are you ready? Let’s try and make the simplest flags in the world.

The African flag from the Republic of Seychelles

1. Niger’s white flag alternative

The simplest flags in the world

2. Mauritania’s white flag alternative

Flag design mash ups - flags with stars and moons

3. Mauritania’s white flag alternative

The simplest flags in the world

4. Somalia’s white flag alternative

The simplest flags in the world

5. Rwanda’s white flag alternative

The simplest flags in the world

Like I said before colours make an African flag! Bright colours. Though the ones above do not have as many colours as your typical African flag. In all the designs above I tried to keep the center circle concept and the vast ocean whiteness. It was almost impossible to find a practical way to strip down these flags, but I enjoyed the process. Have white and one other colour (like on the Japnese flag) was noty easy, I only managed to do that with Mauritania’s and Somalia’s flag remakes.


Sometimes we never get to see or hear much about Africa, and this blog (Visually African) seeks to familiarise you with African dreams, hopes, food, cultures, vast languages… And in this case, our flag designs and obscure country names too. Now, who doesn’t like homework lol. Can you try and minimalise the flag of Zimbabwe, using crayons, pencils or the same software that I use: Affinity Designer.

What do you think?

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