Fashion illustration in Africa

Along with the film industry, the world of fashion holds the keys in defining beauty standards, and cultural identities. Whenever Disney chooses a princess for their films, they indoctrinate the audience on how Disney desires (or does not desire) to have royalty embodied.

Over the years now, a lot of people are kinda beginning to realise that there is very little diversity in some of the ideals that main-stream media keeps feeding us. The above-mentioned film and fashion industries (along with judicial systems) all hold the power to stop… or to perpetuate racial-biases. As I now move away from the topic of “bias” I urge you to open this Ohio State University link to an article on “Implicit Bias”. It was a real eye-opener (well… at least for me).

How to do African fashion illustrations

And now behold Tapiwa Matsinde and her creation: Atelier Fifty-Five. The blog is overflowing with an ever-modern and authentic African creative spirit. She not only blogs and curates about powerful African concepts… but she’s also published books like Fashion Illustration Africa, Contemporary Design Africa, and most recently: How To Publish Your Book: A Content Creator’s Guide To Understanding And Successfully Navigating The Book Publishing Process. Let’s hear her talking about one of her 2018 ventures.
Let’s hear Tapiwa Matsinde talking about one of her 2018 ventures.

Tapiwa’s fashion illustration book is something the fashion industry really needed. Given how deep-rooted she is in the African creative spheres, this British-born curator (of Zimbabwean descent) was one of the most ideal authors, for such an iconic book. It’s a book that was birthed through multi-national African collaborations. Bringing together several African fashion illustrators all into one book. If that gets your toggenburg floating, then click one of the links below. Each one will take you to a store where you can buy this gem-of-a-book. In either a digital or physical format. Whatever floats your goat. Thank you so much for visiting Visually African. I get lonely without readers here… again, thank you!

Fashion illustration in Africa

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