Three unsung African Queens

I am back with some authentic African music that you won’t find on MTV and other mainstream platforms! If you don’t know this by now, Visually African brings you a weekly article called: Three Unsung African Queens. It’s usually brought to you every Sunday (but this week I missed my deadline) and the aim of this weekly series is to expand your appreciation of African female artists. Particularly the ones that don’t have millions of subscribers. The hidden gems of Africa! Over the weeks I have unearthed some African female singers with great vocals, unique styles, or even extraordinary energetic presence.

My hope is as you feast on these musical creations your views and appreciation of Africa will deepen. When people think “African visuals” then jump to Beyonce’s mega-projects and overlook many African female artists who live on the mother continent. How do I decide which tracks to give you? Good question:

Here is the 5-point criteria we use in this weekly-article:

  • The videos must be from three different African countries
  • Each artist needs to have less than 100,000 subscribers
  • The combined total number of views for all the videos must be less than one million
  • All three videos must be more than a month old
  • Only songs with official music videos will be featured

Now that you are all caught up with the concept, I need to say: when i came across this track, it broke my heart that I have never even seen this catchy song being played anywhere. Granted she lives in Nigeria and I do not… still. I need to get me more stuff like this in my life.

1. Aramide from Nigeria

I always appreciate and applaud any musician who can stick to her native tongue AND then still have room to add a tad-bit of English for us to all get an idea of the story. The global community needs to learn and see that Africa has such beautiful and diverse tongues. We talk in those languages, read in those languages, sing in those languages, and praise God in those languages.

  • This video was on 351,529 views (from between 23 Jan 2017 – 14 September 2020)
  • As of today, her YouTube channel has less than 5k subscribers

Let’s wave the Nigerian flag below! As we salute her country for relentlessly pumping out African movies, literature and music. Thank you Nigeria!

Nigerian national flag

2. Maï Lingani from Burkina Faso

No! It’s not the Lion King lol, that’s just how Burkina Faso rolls (or should I say roars! – I just had to). Maï Lingan’s work always comes with such strong, vibrant vocals. Her words are still echoing at the back of my head after this track above. These are the artists that Africa needs to invest more into. More views! More subscriptions, and more festival bookings so that they can get that cheese! (Do people still say that? Cheese? Cheddar!)

  • This video was on 3,587 views (from between 28 April 2018 – 14 September 2020)
  • As of today, her YouTube channel has less than 100 subscribers

Some of us mostly get to hear about Burkina Faso in football tournaments, but there is a whole lot more to any country than just football. Here is the flag of her motherland, Burkina Faso (which means: Land of the Honourable People).

African female singers with great vocals

3. Lydia Jazmine from Uganda

I love vintage cars! It was such an art building them, it must’ve been! Some of the models you see out there are soooo pleasing. Read more about cars made in Uganda here, in an old post of mine. The song is pleasingly humored and nicely coloured. Let’s hit that subscribe button guys!

  • This video was on 399,581 views (from 15 April 2019 – 14 September 2020)
  • As of today, her YouTube channel has less than 60k subscribers

Keep up the great work Lydia! You’re representing Uganda and Africa with your hustle and craft! Here is the flag of her country of birth:

Best Ugandan music


The combined total views number, of all 3 videos today was: 754,697. These are not the only female musicians in Africa. The continent has a lot of talented male and female singers, but my mission here is to make sure that no talented songbird ends up falling through the cracks. And unappreciated. Go out and make these African Queens famous! Share their songs and subscribe to their channels… NOW! The world needs to see more African female singers with great vocals, unique music, and global potential.

What do you think?

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