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One of the (slight) differences between the amazing Doctor Sheldon Cooper and I is that he tends to keep things in some kind of order. Feeling sad? Then its time for soft kitty. Knocking on a door? Well… any knocking has to be done in sets of threes. But that’s Sheldon. Me on the other hand. I try. Things got chaotic this weekend, but it’s finally here! My weekly blog article titled: Fun with African flags! A day late, but I have done it!

What are we going to be focusing on today? Short answer: birds! More specifically national flags with birds on them. Today I’m focusing on five countries: Zambia, Kiribati, Dominica, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico! How did I not know that Mexico has a whole eagle on its flag? In my mind, I thought it only had stripes. While you digest and marvel at my poor observation skills, here is the African flag that has inspired today’s creations.

The Zambian national flag

For today’s challenge I took International flags with birds on them and “Africanised” them by replacing their birds with the colour-scheme and the Eagle from Zambia’s national flag. Before we look at the “Africanised” flags, let’s all rise up as I play for you the Zambian national anthem…

This whole article also made me realise that some countries actually have mythical birds on their national flags, see: Albania. What else did I learn? Well… Apparently Dominica’s national flag is the only national flag with purple on it! (I think Nicaragua stopped using purple on theirs). And that’s why I added the word “Fun” onto the title of this weekly-article. What’s more fun than random flag trivia \o/ …and now for the flags.

1. Kiribati’s national flag

Where is Kiribati

2. Dominica’s national flag

Country Flags with birds on them

3. Papua New Guinea’s national flag

National Flags with birds on them

4. Mexico’s national flag

Flags with birds on them

Its engagement time! Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know which flag you liked. Personally I think the Kiribati one came out, convincingly well. But that’s just me. If you have any thoughts, I am itching to chat with you in the comments section below. And as usual, you get some homework. Are you able to “Africanise” the national flag of Albania (pictured below). In your drawing, feel free to use pencils, crayons, Adobe illustrator (personally I use this graphic design program) or you could use whatever you want! Don’t forget to share your design on social media under the hashtag: #Funwithafricanflags

Flags with birds on them

What do you think?

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