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Today, Netflix has made its way onto this blog for a second time since I began blogging. This time they have done it again! This Californian based streaming service provider has done both big, and smaller things to aid the showcasing, creation, and retelling of accurate black (I prefer African) stories. They have a new “African/ Black American children’s books reading” show called Bookmarks. The family-friendly show is described as follows: “In Bookmarks, black celebrities and artists read children’s books by Black authors to spark meaningful conversations about empathy, equality, justice, self-love, and anti-racism.” Some of its authors include Kenyan-Mexican, Hollywood superstar: Lupita Nyong’o who wrote Sulwe.

This highly-recommended series is fully loaded with celebrities that you will probably recognise! But, before I give you the full list and links to the Black American/ African books, which are featured in this 12-episode series… let’s watch this trailer first.

Through this new show, I became aware of Lupita Nyong’o’s children’s book. The Kenyan-Mexican, Black Panther superstar is best known for her portrayal of Nakia, in the Marvel Universe. Thank you Netflix for this show! If you’ve been hungry for African or Black American children’s books… as promised, here are all the books you can expect to find in the first season of Bookmarks:

Here are titles and links to all the books

Black American children's books
This Black Panther superstar is pictured reading some African books

Apart from this new venture. Netflix has been doing a lot of work to give a stage to African and black American stories. In an old old article of mine I talked about some Nigerian kids that got given state-of-the-art filming equipment by the streaming giant. You can check out that bog post here. I can’t wait to hear your comments on this continued pursuit of African stories, in the comments section below. And any discussion around Black American children’s books.

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