Three unsung African Queens

Thank you so much for coming to my blog! I am working hard to try and keep you entertained and exposed to new things. African things, that you might not be aware of (depending on where you are reading this from). I am writing this in Zimbabwe and can’t wait to give you today’s songs. Every Sunday I write this weekly-post, after hunting down (and finding) three female African singers that the world needs to know! Here is last week’s Unsung Queens post (just in case you missed it)

Here is the 5-point criteria we use in this weekly-article:

  • The videos must be from three different African countries
  • Each artist needs to have less than 100,000 subscribers
  • The combined total number of views for all the videos must be less than one million
  • All three videos must be more than a month old
  • Only songs with official music videos will be featured

Africa has a lot of races, languages, and a rich assortment of cultures. This week I found some music from multiple genres. My hope is these tracks will show you how diverse, and majestic the African continent can be. From Egypt, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Gambia, and Zambia… I can’t wait to explore more countries with each passing week. Let’s do this!

1. Wangechi from Kenya

The video above was shot all over Kenya. Wangechi went and blended together sounds and visuals from all Kenyan provinces. A feat not to be taken lightly. No wonder the video came out so perfectly.

  • This video was on 190,087 views (from between 9 Dec 2016 – 6 September 2020)
  • As of today her YouTube channel has less than 9k subscribers

I also enjoy a production that merges English with our own African languages. Such creations give foreign viewers a hint on what is being sung, whilst still staying true to one’s own identity. Here is the Kenyan singer’s home flag!

Best African female singers

2. Aline Frazão from Angola

What more can I say? At the beginning I mentioned that Africa is a very diverse continent. The rest of the world has a inaccurate, one-dimensional perception of the motherland. Luckily the world is finally waking up from its misconceptions. Aline Frazão has a lot of work you need to watch here.

  • This video was on 199,996 views (from between 13 May 2013 – 6 September 2020)
  • As of today her YouTube channel only has 4.56k subscribers

Please subscribe to all these amazing ladies! Their YouTube channels and videos deserve a lot of love and attention from us all. Here is the national flag of Angola (where Aline Frazão is from)

Best African female singers

3. Amanda Black from South Africa

I know! I broke one of my rules. This is not really an official music video and the reason I chose this over her other videos was because of that intro. The part she explained who the song was for, made me think: this is the perfect song to introduce her with. If you want more of her work, go to the official YouTube channel here.

  • This video was on 273,462 views (from between 10 Nov 2017 – 6 September 2020)
  • As of today her YouTube channel only has 26.6k subscribers

Just in case you didn’t know this: Amanda Black was a contestant on Idols South Africa. Even though she did not win, many say she actually has a more prominent career than her fellow contestants who beat her on Idols. That only needs to be praised, she is definitely a hard-working artist. An over-comer! Here is the flag of South Africa, her home country. Thank you again, for reading this weekly blog article! I hope to uncover more “Best Unsung African female singers”.

Visually african - Best African female singers


The combined total views number, of all 3 videos today was: 663,545. Share this article! Come back again next week, and don’t forget to check out the older installments of this weekly post. I genuinely enjoy digging up these royal songbirds, and hope you also found yourself repeating today’s videos (like I am doing now)

What do you think?

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