Fun with African flags

Fun with African flags

It’s that time of the week again! Every Saturday (God allowing) I bring you a weekly blog article that has nothing to do with Sheldon Cooper. It’s a Visually African weekly meal I call “Fun with African flags”. Get your plates ready as I prepare to dish out ten brand new “African” flags that are (hopefully) an upgrade to the European Union’s flag. Who is ready for a new European Union flag design? I know Britain is… or not.

The EU has a very “clean” and rather simple flag design. As I sit here looking at it, I just want to take it and do something bold to it. It’s too safe and “European” (I guess… since I know little about Europe). That clean safety might be just what the Union wanted, but let’s ask ourselves today: what would this flag look like is we could “Africanise” it?

The EU has a very “clean” and rather simple flag design

What was that, come again? Oooh you’re wondering, does Africa have its own “Union”? Yes, it is called (wait for it…) African Union. Boom! It was previously known as the Organisation of African Unity up until 2002 when it rebranded and became African Union. Back in its OAU days the institute was most notably commended for fighting neo-colonialism (the use of economic, political, cultural, or other pressures to control or influence other countries, especially former dependencies) and the inhumane apartheid era. Before we get into our flags of the day, I wanted to share the video below. When I first heard that the African Union’s headquarters was built by China (thank you China) as a “gift”, I was both shocked and disappointed. Disappointed that all 54 leaders of Africa could not be bothered to gather their own national resources and architectures to get this job done? Since today I am focused on the EU, I thought I might just throw that thought (and this video) out there.

If it wasn’t for China, AU would still not have a Headquarters. Are physical headquarters important? Maybe… maybe not. But if you decide to have one, then you might as well be the ones who make it happen! Especially when you call yourselves the leaders of an entire continent. I can’t imagine America’s Pentagon Building being entirely built and drafted by Canada or Russia. Why would the United States do that when they had George Bergstrom walking around? Ok… rant over, time for some inspirational fun, and colours! As I redesign the EU’s flag, using elements from ten different African countries.

1. Angola’s European Union flag

Photos of Angola

2. Rwanda’s European Union flag

Visit Rwanda 2020 Vector flag design template

3. Egypt’s European Union flag

Affinity Designer flag design template

4. Seychelles’ European Union flag

Most colorful flags in the world
The m

5. Kenya’s European Union flag

Fun with flags

6. Mozambique’s European Union flag

Fun with flags

7. Malawi’s European Union flag

European Union new flag design

8. Zimbabwe’s European Union flag

Mureza wenyika yeZimbabwe

9. Djibouti’s European Union flag

European Union new flag design

10. Burundi’s European Union flag

European Union new flag design

I know I had fun! Personally loved doing the Seychelles one and I’m also proud of the Angolan, and Egyptian ones. But the Mozambiquan one was the first one to be made. And it made me realised that this concept could actually work for today’s article.

As usual, if you enjoyed this weekly article, my dear Amy and Mr. Cooper then feel free to check out last week’s Fun with African Flags here. I hope to see you all next week for more “Africanised” flag adventures! As usual, I shall leave you with some homework below. Try using the Ethiopian flag to “Africanise” the EU’s design. Use pencils, crayons, Adobe illustrator (personally I use this graphic design program) or you could use whatever you want! Don’t forget to share your design on social media under the hashtag: #Funwithafricanflags and show the world your brand new European Union flag design!


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