Three unsung African Queens

Three unsung African Queens

Welcome back to this weekly article called “Three unsung African Queens” it is a Visually African original blog concept where we bring you 3 female African musical queens that the world needs to pay more attention to. These are some unsung, yet best female African singers we need to follow. If you missed last week’s “Three Unsung African Queens” article just click here. During the week, this blog provides you with a random assortment of feel-good posts and topics. The goodness doesn’t end there. Each Sunday Visually African compiles a list of majestic, multi-national, African songbirds, like the ones in the three videos we’ve got today.

Here is the 5-point criteria we use in this weekly-series:

  • The videos must be from three different African countries
  • Each artist needs to have less than 100,000 subscribers
  • The combined total number of views for all the videos must be less than one million
  • All three videos must be more than a month old
  • Only songs with official music videos will be featured

Some of the objectives behind this weekly series are: to grow your music palette by immersing yourself into the songs, languages, and rhythm of three different African countries. Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe! These talented queens deserve much higher stats and subscribers than they have currently got. Are you ready? I know I am.

1. Cina Soul from Ghana

Cina Soul’s talent and creativity is very evident to all in this masterpiece. I am highly honored to have the opportunity to present her and her work to you. Kudos to Gene Adu for directing such a well-polished product.

  • This video was on 307,247 views (from between 26 Nov 2018 – 28 August 2020)
  • As of today her YouTube channel only has 16k subscribers

After almost two years on YouTube, this song and video still hold up, heads and shoulders above many other (more recent) music videos. Below I’ve attached the flag of her home country: Ghana. Please… subscribe to her YouTube channel now! Using the profile-icon at the top corner of her video above.

Best female African singers in Ghana

2. Sona Jobarteh from Gambia

If you’re a YouTube fanatic, Sona Jobarteh is going to be a bit hard to follow. She is extremely talented, and the first professional Gambian female Kora player. Her YouTube channel has very few videos to offer you, despite having a tremendously success video that hit 14 million views. After that, her presence on YouTube dwindled down. The video featured above is not even on her official channel, it seems to have been uploaded by the studio that recorded it. To learn more about Sona, watch this 1 minute CNN special on her. Its posted on what seems to be Sona Jobarteh’s official channel.

  • This video was on 989 views (from between 5 July – 28 August 2020)
  • As of today, her (Supposedly official) YouTube channel has 55k subscribers

Given the authenticity of her “kora music” and skills on it, Sona Jobarteh deserves more attention from Africa (and the world). Let’s wave the flag of Gambia, her country of birth below:

Best Gambian female African singers

3. Gemma Griffiths from Zimbabwe

This song is truly special, it was shot in multiple African countries! How is it not sitting on a million views yet? Gemma Griffiths is a very diversely talented Zimbabwean singer, who is seen above singing in both Shona and English. Her dexterous diversity doesn’t end on language, go and see the rest of her YouTube content and her official website. A true African queen on the rise, a shining gem of Zimbabwe.

  • This video was on 356,677 views (from between 1 May – 28 August 2020)
  • As of today, her YouTube channel has 30k subscribers

Use the profile-icon at the top of the video to subscribe now! Come on guys! Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe! Its time for us to wave the flag of her country below, Zimbabwe:

Mureza wenyika yeZimbabwe. Best female Zimbabwean African singers

Conclusion on our best unsung female African singers (you need to know)

The combined total number of all 3 videos today was: 664,913

Let’s support and raise our African Queens! Every Sunday Visually African will bring you more Unsung African Queens, glorious and talented songbirds. Once again, if you missed last week’s “Three Unsung African Queens” article just click here. See you next week! During the week, we have more daily blog posts that you also need to come back for \o/ any day! All of these talented ladies are truly among the best female African singers.


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