Who are the biggest and hottest African YouTube kids?

Who are the biggest and hottest
African YouTube kids?

All of the kids in this post have hit millions of views on one, or more, of their video productions. Stats like that make them some of the best African YouTube channels. Let’s start off with a Nigerian band of creative kids (Ikorodu bois) who took the world by storm with a video-tweet that gained over 11 million views and 160 thousand retweets. The crew consists of 15-year-old Muiz Sanni, and his 10-year-old brother Malik Sanni, as well as their cousin, 13-year-old Fawas Aina. Ikorodu bois stole the hearts and imagination of many, even Netflix sent them some professional video-production equipment along with a Mac to edit on. Thank you, Netflix!

The blessings didn’t end there, RED also stepped in with their own tributes to the talented boys from Ikorodu (a city located in the north-east of Lagos State, Nigeria). I am not even part of the crew, but even I’m overwhelmed by all this assistance and praise our boys got. Blessings on top of blessings! Thank you RED, and Netflix for being such out-of-this-world companies.

 RED also stepped in with their own tributes to the talented boys from Ikorodu

Best African YouTube channels with kids

Ok, I’m back now… I had to step outside for some air after that roller-coaster of love and support. My job here is nearly done. This article is not just about the Ikorodu bois. I have 3 contestants today, which have me asking: Who are the biggest and hottest African YouTube kids? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

1. Ikorodu bois (Popular low budget kids)

These boys have a simple but very effective format. They reenact Hollywood movie trailers and hit songs using “low budget” improvisations and creativity. No wonder they grabbed so much attention recently. Unfortunately, because their videos are scattered on multiple social media platforms, their YouTube stats do not paint the full picture of their success.

2. Six-year-old: Success, and Emanuella

Success (yes, that’s the character’s name) and Emanuella are an extremely hilarious duo you need to follow. They do not work alone, in the Mark Angel Comedy stable, they are accompanied by other older comedians. That, however, does not stop these kids from shining even brighter! Don’t let their ages fool you, these kids have been at it for a while now.

3. Masaka Kids (Dancing YouTube kids)

Our final entry is a musical one! When I watch these kids dance, I am reminded of the simpler day when we used to gang-up together as African kids and just have fun. They have taken this authentic joy and friendship and made it a big international product. Well done Masaka kids! Every red-blooded African can feel what you’re about, because (speaking for myself) we have all been there, in the glorious African-dust with you. Click here to read about a few memories from my childhood.

Now, which are your favorite kids?


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African YouTube kids?

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