Fun with African flags

Fun with African flags

Yes, this is another weekly article (which will be coming to you every Saturday. Each week we will feature different countries). Readers of this blog know by now that this website loves all visually-African-looking things! And one of the most identifying visual things of any global community is their flag design. Warrior tribes have them, governments commission for them and even pirates could not resist the pull (if Hollywood movies are to be believed). When countries design their flags (or pirates) they use colours, shapes, animals, and all kinds of symbols that represent the lives and culture of the people. I think that it would be an unexpected surprise if the flag of Swaziland had a lighthouse and an 18th-century castle, instead of an African shield-of-war.

The flag of Uganda + the flag of Netherlands

Today (in this weekly topic) we are going to turn the world on its head (easy-peasy) by mashing-up together the national flag of Uganda with several provincial flags from within the Netherlands. “Fun with African flags” is a place where we imagine what different flags from all over the world would look like if they were “Africanised” (Eat that! Sheldon Cooper). By the end of this blog post, I hope the world (and you) will know a little bit more about Uganda and a little bit more about the provinces within the Netherlands. Let’s kick off things by showing you a video of several Ugandan National parks and places of interest.

I just kept thinking: I hope this drone doesn’t fall into the water

Uganda is not just a country of giraffes, hippopotamuses, and trees. So at the end of this article, I shall leave you with another video of Uganda. More specifically, life in the streets of Kampala. Obviously, there is more to Uganda than today’s 2 videos will tell us. Unfortunately for us, it’s never easy to find videos of day-to-day life within African countries. I was almost tempted to use some Ugandan wedding videos like this touching one here. Ok! Enough about that… now, here are the Dutch provinces that we are going to be Africanising today (but I think Ugandanising is more accurate though):

  • South Holland
  • North Holland
  • North Brabant (I keep expecting to find a South Brabant)
  • Gelderland
  • Utrecht
  • Overijssel
  • Limburg
  • Friesland (Frietjes-land? Well then… I’ll have a burger with that)
  • Groningen
  • Drenthe
  • Flevoland

And for your homework, we want to see your own designs of the Zeeland Province flag mashup. In the upcoming segment, you will see two flag designs. The Dutch (from Netherlands) version and the Ugandanised version by Visually African.

1. South Holland

2. North Holland

3. North Brabant

4. Gelderland

5. Utrecht

6. Overijssel

7. Limburg

8. Friesland

9. Groningen

10. Drenthe

11. Flevoland

I hope you enjoyed day-dreaming about what Dutch provincial flags would look like if they had a Ugandan national design scheme. I’m sure after this post you can see how Visually African’s blog aims to answer the big questions in life, in all our posts lol. Netherlands has a 12th province: Zeeland, I now challenge you to design your own Ugandanised version of their provincial flag (attached below the video). Use pencils, crayons, Adobe illustrator or whatever you wish to do the homework and share it on social media under the hashtag: #Funwithafricanflags I shall leave you watching a video of life in the street of Uganda’s capital city: Kampala.


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