All the ways to climb Kilimanjaro

All the ways to climb Kilimanjaro

One funny thing about the Visually African blog is that (it always feels like) I don’t have enough categories to slot articles into. I have to enter a wrestling match with my own mind, just to try and figure out what goes where… and Mount Kilimanjaro has landed itself in the Pets & Wildlife section. At 5,895 metres above sea level, I think it fits in perfectly next to Godzilla and the rest of mother nature’s wildlife. Whenever I’m faced with such dilemmas I rest in the comfort that; there is more than one way to skin a cat. Or so we are told, did that guy ever met cats? Before he started theorizing about easily skinning them around. I guess to his or her defense, they never said easy ways.

Unlike that (above mentioned) disputable skinning of cats, it turns out… there is undoubtedly more than one way to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain! What is Kilimanjaro like? Just check out this breathtaking 4K video, and you tell me.

Step aside Mount Everest, you have been king-of-the-hill long enough

COVID-19 might have us pinned down, but it won’t stop us from making plans and drink from the fountains of wishes and hope. The wish to travel to Tanzania has been burning within me ever since I bumped into a post on Twitter. I’m keen to see Tanzania and also… Ghana! The tweet I talked about had an article attached to it, one I’m using to inspire me now. I will link to it at the end of this post.

Now that you have got your walking stick and hiking boots ready, here are the different routes you can take to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. If any of these routes here wind up tickling-your-fancy, you need to do additional research or contact a travel agency. And we are off:

1. The Marangu Route

Heads up couch potatoes, this is the only route that offers hut accommodation. Why you’re busy googling what those huts look like I’m going to continue my heroic accession \o/

2. The Machame Route

Get the ark ready! The animals go in two by two on this one, Machame is by far the most popular climbing route on Kilimanjaro. All are welcome. You can expect everyone to be drawn to this route, except those that wanted the huts in the previous route.

3. The Rongai Route

If you just wanna take it easy man, then you are in luck! Word on the street has it, this is the easiest route on Kilimanjaro. Well… as easy as climbing a dormant volcano can get.

4. The Shira Route

Angry Birds assemble, this one is for you guys. The Shira route will catapult you up to some serious altitude on the first day. And I do not use the word “catapult” lightly here, so buckle up… adventure awaits!

5. The Lemosho Route

Get your nails polished gurl, and wax those legs Jeffrey because Lemosho is hands down…. no contest…. the most beautiful Kilimanjaro climbing route. Like all beautiful things, its both challenging and expensive. And that’s why you should have invested in Bitcoin, now look at you.

6. The Umbwe Route

You do not care about those above mentioned huts or Lemosho and her beauty. You are here to climb. Hard! Umbwe is the most difficult and most demanding route on Kilimanjaro. Like all difficult things, it rewards by being a very spectacular experience.

7. The Northern Circuit route

If you want a new route that your grandfather never got to take back in his day. Then The Northern Circuit is just for you, its the newest (youngest) route of them all. Who doesn’t like new, and exciting things? This circuit was designed to excite!


As mentioned before, I was inspired to write this post by this very informative blog post on Kilimanjaro. A special thanks goes out to @denniskanuti his Twitter profile says: Best Guide Kilimanjaro & in Tanzania, your tour guide, cheerleader WFR first aid giver all rolled in one! He guided me on finding all the Kilimanjaro information I needed.


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