A simple step-by-step hairstyle to try alone with your African hair

A simple step-by-step hairstyle to try alone with your African hair

I grew up seeing women and girls struggle for ideas on new ways to change-up their lovely African hair. While French braids aren’t anything new, here in my local community there is a misconception that they won’t hold on African hair. Have I tried this style myself? Sigh, nope… Sorry ladies, my glorious natural African hair is still too short (when is it ever long enough for anything? Am I right ‘ey!) but jokes aside, you can do this! I have it on good authority (cough: the internet and my mom) that we can all rock this French crown. Turns out, French braids are relatively easy to manage and they could last us more than two weeks. While you ponder this new look, remember not to keep the braids for more than three weeks in order to prevent build-up and clogging. Ready? Great! Here is what you are gonna need:

  • Comb
  • Mirror
  • Coconut oil or Olive oil (or any sealant)
  • One of those leave-in conditioners (or any other moisturizer)
  • Hair sheen and finally… mousse

After you are done with the video below and all the steps within it. You might also want to read this fashion blog post I did (hot videos included) it talks about natural African hairstyles being trendset in South Korea. That and the African wax fabrics we all love, and lust to have in our wardrobes. Enough delays… here is the full step-by-step video that Rayann made for us all:

Just ignore that painful and burning sensation coming from your tired arms. You got this!

Here are all the key points:

  • Wash, moisturize and detangle your hair first
  • Part your hair into two sections
  • Tie together the section that you are not braiding (to avoid confusion)
  • Separate your hair at your hairline and divide it into three. Each piece should be 0.5 inches (that’s 1.3cm) in size and should be equal to make the braid look uniform.
  • Weave the last (or back) portion strand under the middle section strand so that it is the centerpiece. Then take the first (or front) and cross it under the center so it becomes the main strand.
  • Pull strands tightly to prevent slipping. Feed new pieces of hair as you braid backwards
  • Separate your hair at your hairline as you did before
  • While doing all this, ensure that equal amounts are added to as you braid along
  • After all this is said and done. Use an elastic band to secure the hair’s bottom end of the braid. Add a sealant for protection.
  • Now grab your hair mousse and deal with any small pieces of hair that might still be sticking out
  • Don’t forget to do the other side of your head now and spray hair sheen

Thank you so much for continuing to visit this blog of mine, feel free to leave comments and words of love and encouragement in the comment section below! I am also dying to get some Twitter followers here and Instagram friends I can hang with. Have an awesome day \o/ Let the braiding begin!


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