African-owned comic projects that you can access and support via Patreon

What is Patreon you ask? Patreon is a globally available subscription platform (created in the United States). The platform provides the tools needed for artists to earn a monthly income (from subscribers) by providing exclusive rewards and perks to their “patrons” who in turn pay monthly subscription fees that could even be as low as one dollar.

On this platform, you will find Kugali. Before you subscribe to Kugali’s Patreon account watch this interview below, where the founders behind Kugali talk about their exciting mission and notable success thus far. In the interview, Hamid (The Machine) Ibrahim closes off by saying, “We want to get big enough [that] if you turn up to a Comic-Con, you’ll see comic book characters from Africa walking around”

The video above does a marvelous job and introducing you to this multinational African comic-book cartel. One of the key areas that Visually African is passionate about, is distinguishing between creative projects about African VS creative projects made by Africans, in Africa. Just to give you an idea of how serious and driven this gang is, visit their website here and try out some of the free comics that they have on rotation. On that same website, you will also quickly stumble upon their multinational African Anthologies! These 200-paged Anthologies come in two editions: Standard and Raki are a must-have.

The Raki edition features comic stories for the more mature audience, whilst the Standard one aims to carter for all ages. All in all, you have four 200-paged Anthologies waiting for you. That’s two Standard volumes and two Raki ones. In my opinion, the only way that Africans can take charge of their own stories and their own identity in the media is if we strive at empowering creative outfits like Kugali Media.

What are they offering subscribers?

Now that you have an idea of what Kugali is made of, I’m hoping you’re now ready to become a Patreon-subscriber for such a bankable calabash of multinational African artists. Review the subscription tiers below, and go to Let’s show these guys some love! We need to make more African-owned comics happen.

Written by Visually African

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