Trendsetting African fashion and hair within South Korea

Trendsetting African fashion and hair within South Korea

Seoul Africa Fashion Show (in South Korea) is said to be Seoul’s largest fashion event showcasing rich Afroculture through African-inspired designs! This annual, November event bridges together Africa and South Korea through a synergized, and intimate, tango-of-the-cultures. The event has models and designers from both Africa and Korea, tag-teaming each other in spotlighting African beauty, fashion, and even African hair.

This rich annual event, hosts models and designers from both Africa and South Korea

In the video I shall provide later on below, Soobin Makeup Academy reps can be seen in full-action making sure the models are ready to dazzle the world. Please join me as I take off my hands from the keyboard, to applaud the entire dress-room team for a job-well-done! Fans of this blog (Hi mom) will know that I have talked about life behind the dressing room curtains before, in my other post here. The team truly deserves our heartfelt praise and ululation. (Here is a cultural sidenote for Google, in Southern Africa ululation is a joyful sound made at happy occasions like weddings and graduation ceremonies. Not funerals, I can’t speak for all world cultures but it’s funny that despite our different definitions. Google and I, do not disagree on the actual sound and how its made… but rather, where and why ululation happens). So, again… kudos to Soobin Makeup Academy, and all those who attended to the models.

Spotlighting African beauty, fashion, and even African hair
In the video below, the African-hair models are seen rocking these “Don’t touch my hair” t-shirts

As someone new to the fashion world, I must say; I just love the outdoor runway concept. In countries with favorable weather, they should do this more often if logistics allow. [Big sigh] Unfortunately given the war against COVID-19, it is highly likely that this glorious November event might (like many others) have to skip a year, unless organisers decide to venture into the digital landscape. At least until the pandemic is behind us, cause in my opinion fashion needs to be both seen and felt up-close. The lady below in yellow… probably agrees.

To the right eyes African fashion can be shockingly breathtaking

Since 2017 SAFS has showcased works from African designers like Yeboah Kwame, founder of Yebs Fashion who is from Ghana. Akaose Peace from Abia State in eastern Nigeria, Kelly Diakité, and South Korean based designer, artist, and writer Dineo Mahlare. I have kept you waiting long enough, here is a taste of what Seoul Africa Fashion Show is all about. One hot video, coming right up! Some of the designs in the video were inspired by trends from Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

Now that you have seen some of the garments that have been on show, let’s add some faces to some of the names behind SAFS’ fashion. These are not the only designers that Seoul Africa Fashion Show has worked with, but it’s getting late and I’m over-excited to see how well this blog post shall perform. So BRING ON the finish line… and my pajamas!

Some of the designers over the years: Yeboah Kwame, Kelly Diakité, Dineo Mahlare, and Akaose Peace


Thank you so much for reading this blog post! Please, follow Visually African on Twitter, I want to get to know and chat with my readers. Follow Visually African here! As mentioned before my blankets are calling me, but I won’t leave you guys alone. I have a very unique African “film” on African fashion and how it might feel alien to people from other cultures. After talking about an open-air African fashion Show in South Korea, what better film can I add to the post than “An Alien in Town”. Here is what the makers had to say about their project before you get to watch it: “Having this alien in town shows what it feels like for a stranger discovering the energy of African fashion,” Obasi explains. “The film is starting a conversation that will open up to something very refreshing for Vlisco. I want to see young people wear Ankara (African fabrics) in a different way.” Don’t forget to comment below, it means a lot me!

Created by Lagos-based stylist Daniel Obasi in collaboration with A White Space Creative Agency


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