Is the Zimbabwean film sector beginning to shine ♥ again?

Is the Zimbabwean film sector beginning to shine ♥ again?

It’s no secret that globally, there has been a lot of attention and hunger for African content. A small Southern African country like Zimbabwe has also thrown its hat into the ring, as Africans all over the world wrestle to feed this unquenching hunger. A hunger for African stories. A hunger for meaningful representation of “people of colour” in all creative sectors.

On the 1st of June 2020, a few months ago. Zimbabwe ushered in its first movie; Cook Off, onto Netflix. I love food as much as the next guy! Dare I say even more than the next guy, if I’m being honest. This however, is not just about the sizzling hot kitchen romantic comedy that the Zimbabwean film sector gave us. Its a post about Cook Off, Shaina and all the films that have come out of Zimbabwe.

While a lot of Zimbabweans were still processing how on earth a zero budget movie like Cook Off managed to woo its way onto Netflix, we got news of Shaina. Shaina is yet another Zimbabwean story that shall be coming out soon. Shaina is being made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Zimbabwe.

Shaina is yet another Zimbabwean story that shall be coming out soon.

The high production quality and the police uniform seen in the teaser above, seem to suggest that Zimbabwe might be working hand in hand with our beloved neighbours (South Africa) on this one. Which would be great news, if my suspicions are true! I’m a strong believer in the unification of African nations.

While we continue to wait for more trailers and behind the scenes footage from Shaina, let’s have some fun! Below is a poll that you’re all welcome to take. Shaina and Cook Off are by no means the first African movies to ever come out of Zimbabwe, so let’s hear which other Zimbabwean movies you grew up enjoying. Unfortunately, we can never fit in all the movies we found, but we managed to throw in a lot.

Don’t worry, you can select multiple answers. Try choosing 5 or less. In conclusion, thank you so much for reading this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Which of these Zimbabwean movies did you enjoy the most?
Jit (1990)
Neria (1993)
Flame (1996)
Yellow card (2000)
Lobola (2010)
Playing Warriors (2011)
Sabhuku Vharazipi (2013)
Gringo – Trouble maker (2013)
The Bicycle Thief (2014)
Chinhoyi 7 (2015)
Tete B (2018)
Cook off (2018)
None of the above (International voter)
None of the above (Zimbabwean voter)
Please Specify:
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