Kantanka’s latest 2020 battery-operated, Ghanaian made, electric vehicle!

With Volkswagen (VW) having recently opened its first assembly line in Ghana.VW already has a presence in Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa. Adding together recent news and events, it seems that Ghana is striving to try and become a vehicle production leader on the continent. The competitive move by VW brings more employment into Ghana, a country that already has its own locally manufactured car brand: Kantanka. Kantanka’s vehicles are assembled in Ghana using custom-made CKD (Complete Knock Down) kits, that they ship in from Chinese suppliers. All part of a growing trend being witnessed in several African countries including Uganda.

In Uganda they have Kiira Motors Corporation or KMC

It would seem that the Ghanaian’s government move to ban used-car imports has forced automobile giants like VW to increase their presence in the country. The German manufacturer is working hand in hand with Universal Motors Ltd, their new Ghanaian partner. While all of that was happening Kantanka have just revealed their latest battery-operated car model. It is yet to be seen how practical or successful this venture is going to be for Kantanka. The company has existed in Ghana, in one form or another since 1994. But it wasn’t until 1998, that Kantanka made their first Complete Built Unit (CBU) using over 75% of local Ghanaian components, which included the entire engine block. If African nations can engineer their own vehicles and products, without a suffocating dependency on foreign forces things could get interesting on the motherland.

It was nearly impossible to find a descent photograph of the new car in question, despite it having been announced through official Kantanka channels. Nonetheless here goes nothing!
Kantanka’s vehicles are assembled in Ghana using imported CKD kits

Do electric cars really work?

In conclusion, some of us are you to the world of battery operated cars. This leaves us asking the question, “Do electric cars really work?” To answer that, we are not going to rely on the CKD-kit-based productions above. I shall leave you watching a video on the practicalities (or lack there of) of an electric/ battery-operated car. We shall skip to the industry leaders when it comes to battery-operated vehicles, of course at present Kantanka and Tesla are completely different animals. We hope to see whats possible and what is not-so-good about battery operated cars in this next video.

How does it feel like to own and use a first-world, battery operated car like Tesla?

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